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The hardest part of your job is making an accurate and detailed inventory list of what you have for sale. There are a few key facts buyers must know in order to make a fair and realistic offer for your items. You must include as much information as you can by following the guidelines below. A poor description will not attract buyers, it is much easier for busy buyers to ignore a list than it is to respond to an incomplete one. So invest your time now to make more money in the future.:

1. What do you have? Be detailed oriented. Give the name, catalog number or any other unique identifiers you can supply.
2. Make an itemized inventory list. If you know how to use Microsoft Office Excel or Word, great! Do it!
3. For each item, be sure to honestly describe defects and overall condition.
4. Are your items new or used? In original boxes, or not?
5. How were the items stored? Include key details like "Smoke free storage" or "Stored in musty-smelling attic". An important price factor, believe it or not, is whether the items stink like cigarette smoke or not.
6. If possible, take photos. It is definitely true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Buyers will definitely ask for photos later. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Once you have your detailed list completed, submit it to us by clicking the Soldster button below. This will take you to our partner site, Soldster.com.


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